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What's it all about??
Well, in case you are incredibly slow, this is one of the first fansites dedicated to The Revs, an up and coming three piece from Donegal, Ireland. Their music has been described as The Who meet Blink 182 and have, at time of going to press, released their debut single "Wired To The Moon"

Site History
The site was founded after the Webmaster (i.e. ME) saw them play to a packed cafe tent at Witnness. While there's very little here at the moment, we hope that the site will develope and grow, like The Revs popularity 'coz lets face it no-one's gonna go to a site for a band they've never heard of!

Other Info
The Revs also have an Official web site, the link is below. If YOU want to help out in any way please send your news items, reviews or news to my e-mail. Anyone who submits articles will be given full credit. TABS ESPECIALLY WELCOME!!! My e-mail link is below.

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